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Our Story


We are 2 students from the Netherlands aged 17 and 20.

We found bank cards in general to be very boring. For this reason we looked for a way to personalise our bank cards to express our creativity. When we found out that only ING offered an option for personalising the bank card, we wondered how we could make this both affordable and accessible to consumers. We also did not feel comfortable with the idea that the chosen photo would be permanently on the bankcard for a longer period. By the way, if you grow as a person, your interest changes and we believe that your possessions should be able to go along with this.

The process

To meet the product characteristics just mentioned, we concluded that a removable sticker would be the right solution. To make this product a reality, we have spent the first half year extensively researching the different types of sticker materials, with the aim of finding the perfect material for the product.

After many studies and expirations, we came up with the perfect material that is strong, reusable, environmentally friendly and easy to use. The material obviously had to be strong because of the intensive use when paying by debit card. It was important that both the sticker and the print were not damaged during use.

After we found the right material, we took the time to approach as many Dutch printing companies as possible, with the aim of finding the suitable supplier for our product. In this context we placed, among other things, the priority on environmentally friendly production and fast service, so that we could stimulate the experience of the consumer as positively as possible.

It took a lot of time and money, but the result is impressive. We present with great pride and joy; Pass sticker, THE way to give your bank card, OV-Chip card or other passes your unique twist!